Tom Hanks: After the frenzy, he can laugh again

Tom Hanks
After the frenzy, he laughs again

Tom Hanks is starring in Hollywood.

Tom Hanks is starring in Hollywood.

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At first, fans were worried about his health, and then there was a confusion: now Tom Hanks is in good spirits and fit again.

Tom Hanks (65) has been pushing the negative headlines for the past few days with a single look. “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” He made the audience laugh through the dance show. Earlier, fans were worried about his health. The actor was filmed trembling. Then Hanks got into an argument with the fan.

On the show by Stephen Colbert (58), Tom Hanks was in a good mood and fit. Together with the host, he performed a short film about fathers filming themselves in dictation dances. The two stars sat on the sofa and danced. The actor, who has been appearing as Colonel Tom Parker in the film “Elvis” since June 23, has not responded to the disturbing news released over the past few days.

Tremors and strangeness

The actor appeared to be unable to control his hands in the first scene of the new Boss Luhrmann movie (59) which took place earlier this month near Brisbane, Australia. During a speech, they shuddered so hard that it was difficult for him to pick up the microphone. Videos from the show show Hanks struggling with a physical disability. During his funny speech about the Gold Coast location, he tried to support his right hand with his left hand holding the microphone.

Last Wednesday evening (June 15), the Hollywood star seems to have lost his temper for a while as he was hit by an intrusive fan on his wife Rita Wilson (65). Posted a video on social media Round showing the incident in New York City.

Protected by bodyguards, the Hollywood couple runs to the waiting car, but fans want to break it down and take closer photos. A particularly careless man crashed into Rita Wilson and almost knocked her out. “Stop,” she calls. Tom Hanks stopped and said, “My wife? Go back, damn! Are you tapping my wife?” After that, he turned and ran towards the car angrily.



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