Russia throttles gas supplies: if necessary, Habek wants to force us to save energy - domestic politics

We’re having winter chills!

Economy Minister Robert Habeck (52, Al-Khidr) mentioned in “daily themes”, that Germany still does not have enough gas reserves for the colder months: “We can’t go into winter with 56 percent storage. They must be full. Otherwise we are really open.”

The economy minister said Habek was as tough as nails: “We should not be under the illusion that we are in a confrontation with Putin.” Because the Kremlin dictator wants to “gradually reduce gas quantities in order to keep prices high.” Currently, 60 percent less gas flows through Nord Stream 1, Germany’s most important pipeline.

So Habek urgently calls for measures to save energy “if required by law as well”.

Call: When in doubt, we must be forced to save energy!

The Federal Network Agency made a radical proposal only on Thursday: the minimum temperature could be lowered from 20 to 22 degrees specified in the rental law during the heating period. Millions of Germans are already suffering from a massive increase in gas bills. Natural gas prices rose 37 percent in May.

Construction Minister Clara Jewetz, 46, is opposed to lowering the minimum temperature and said on Friday, “I think the legally mandated freeze does not make sense.”

That is why Economy Minister Habek wants to save on suppliers first: “The next step will certainly be to take out the quantities of gas that are still being burned in power plants.” Even the Green politician wants to replace burning gas with coal in the winter if necessary.

Citizens are still off the hook. Regarding the controversy over minimum temperature for rental apartments, Habeck said the federal government would take a look at all the laws “that make a contribution there.”


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