Times of all press conferences - and where to broadcast them

After canceling the biggest game show of 2020, E3 will regain its speed again this year in 2021. Press conferences for Microsoft, Bethesda, Nintendo and Co. will be taking place. June 12-15: We show you what time and where to set.

The E3 2021 Around the corner and with it, again, several press conferences from publishers introducing new games and gaming content. from From June 12 to June 15 The most important PKs happen, which is why we created an initial overview of all PKs with German times and links to the broadcast for you.

Some times are not yet known, which is why we marked the region with “TBA” (“To be announced”). In the coming days we will of course update this article!

Maybe we can look forward to showing trailers for one of these players during E3 2021?

Schedule all press conferences during E3 2021

The The preview of E3 2021 is scheduled to take place at different times every day Start:

  • on June 12 It’s 19:00
  • On June 13 5:45 pm:
  • On the 14th and 15th of June 5:00 p.m.

You can always find it on the official page E3 channel on Twitch follow on.

Date German time / start
Press Conference Publisher Stream
12. June 2021 21 hours Ubisoft Twitch
12. June 2021 10:30 PM digital back Twitch
12. June 2021 To be announced

entertainment gearbox

12. June 2021 To be announced GamesBeat Twitch
13. June 2021 7 PM – 9 PM Microsoft / Bethesda Twitch
13. June 2021 9.15 pm – 10.15 pm Square Enix Twitch
13. June 2021 23:30 Show computer games Twitch
14. June 2021 1 am Show future games Twitch
14. June 2021 22 oh o’clock Limited Running Games Twitch
14. June 2021 From 5 pm during the pre-show period Capcom Twitch
14. June 2021 To be announced Intellivision Twitch
15. June 2021 6 pm nintendo Twitch
15. June 2021 To be announced Bandai Namco Twitch
15. June 2021 To be announced E3 Awards 2021 Twitch

So far little is known about the content of the press conferences. So we’ve bolded our top publisher PKs – if you don’t know when to turn them on!

In a teaser post from XboxDACH on Twitter, Microsoft also confirmed that it will be sharing its PK with Bethesda. The humor itself suggests that not only infinite aura It will be part of the press conference, but also the new conference for Bethesda Sci-Fi RPG Starfield.

The E3 2021 Become all digital Mainly talk about Twitch And the Youtube Broadcasting. If you want to be there live, we recommend Twitch, as experience has shown that streams there are more stable and are transmitted with shorter time delays.

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