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A woman gives birth to ten births

A unique case occurred in a South African hospital. The woman should have given birth to eight sons, but the doctors were surprised by the birth.

woman in South Africa She gave birth to ten children, the local daily reported that “Pretoria The news.” According to her husband, on Monday night, 37-year-old Josiam Sithole gave birth to ten live births, and then the seven boys and three girls were delivered by Caesarean section in a hospital in Pretoria, South Africa.

She said she couldn’t believe it when the doctor first told her she was expecting six children. Later, eight babies showed up during an ultrasound scan. The other two were only discovered at birth.

The previous world record is eight children

“Your case is very unique,” Professor Denny Mawela, deputy director of Sivako McGato Medical University, told Pretoria News. Multiple births are usually the result of IVF. However, in an interview with Pretoria News, Sithole previously stated that she naturally expects ten of this kind. Newborns will now have to stay in the incubator for a few months until their condition is stable.

A month ago, Halima Cisse from Mali gave birth to nine children in Morocco. The world record To date, Natalie Solomon from California is considered the largest live birth in the world. She gave birth to six boys and two girls in January 2009 after IVF. All eight children have survived their childhood and are now celebrating their thirteenth birthday. If the ten timbers survived childhood, they would set a new world record.

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