TikTok video shows woman mistaking eye drops for superglue |  News

It hurts just looking at it!

In the US, a woman says she mistook her eye drops for superglue. The Clarin portal reports on this.

Accordingly, Lydia Hartmann (22) had the paste dripped into her left eye in August. The Florida woman realized the seriousness of the situation and went to the hospital. She reported the eye alarm on TikTok, where she has 100,000 followers. The clip has since been viewed nearly five million times.

“They first applied an ointment to dissolve the glue,” says Lydia, but without the desired effect. “So they started removing the glue by hand,” says the 22-year-old.

The doctor attempts to separate the eyelids with a metal instrument - with success

The doctor attempts to separate the eyelids with a metal instrument – with success

photo: Icyylyd/tiktok

In an adjacent room, the doctor began to separate the sticky eyelids with a metal instrument. The TikTok video shows a gloved man fumbling through his eye. Good luck!

“It’s a terrible pain,” the 22-year-old said later in the clip. In addition, she cannot see 100% yet. “But they gave me antibiotic eye drops,” Hartmann said.

The American posted more content about her eye on TikTok. One follower comments: “When I watched, my eyes immediately started watering.” One user says, “I’m about to cry because it sounds so painful.”

Lydia Hartmann opens up about

Lydia Hartmann opens up about ‘terrible pain’

photo: Icyylyd/tiktok

Oddly enough: apparently, confusing eye drops with super glue is not uncommon. A man posing as an eye technician writes: “It happens more often than you think. Sometimes the only solution to a problem is to cut the eyelashes.”

One TikTok follower said: “Oh my God, this is what happened to me in the summer of 2019! After visiting three hospitals and one doctor in 24 hours, they ended up plucking my eyelashes. That was torture!”


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