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HomescienceTiger mosquitoes: the best tips to get rid of them: Femme Actuelle...

Tiger mosquitoes: the best tips to get rid of them: Femme Actuelle Le MAG

In 2004 the first tiger mosquitoes appeared in France. Since then, the species has not stopped breeding and advancing in the territory. Now, it colonizes more than half of the country from April to October! And the insect native to Southeast Asia makes a name for itself because of can be dangerousViral diseases such as chikungunya, dengue and Zika virus are common. How to protect yourself from bites? Cyril Hanoun, head of a mosquito control company, called for Don’t touch my TVAnd employment c 8Monday, May 16, 2022. Alexander Waugh explains that the tiger mosquito attacks mainly during the day. “When it stings, you feel it right away,” is the details. “bites everywhere It’s better to be covered […] In France, it is more frightening than a tiger because it kills 800,000.” What happens when a tiger mosquito bites? “If you get stung during the day, go get Biseptine [une solution locale pour les plaies peu profondes, ndlr.] Emergency. You have 10 minutes to purge, because There may be complications. If you bite someone who has had dengue before, you get dengue.” Alexander Woog especially warns of the health risks to pregnant women.

Leave dark clothes in the closet

How do we fight the tiger mosquito? Air conditioning scares him. “If you use a fan to eat on the porch, you’re safe. Mosquito repellent works well, plugs and lemongrass, too.” Another tip to not attract them: light-colored clothes.Mosquitoes love dark colorsAnd A mosquito control specialist confirms. You have to wear loose-fitting clothes that cover everything.” One last tip: Don’t try to kill a tiger mosquito in the event of a major infestation in the home. It is best to call a professional to handle it safely.

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