This is why your working day should start at 7 am at the earliest

This is why your working day should start at 7 am at the earliest

Working hours naturally affect our sleep patterns and health. Of course, this is especially true for people who work night shifts or morning shifts. We took a look at why a work day It is better not to start before 7 in the morning.

This is why your working day should start at 7 am at the earliest

Sleep is necessary for every process in the body necessary meaning. It affects our physical and mental performance the next day, our ability to fight off disease and develop immunity, as well as our metabolism and risk of chronic disease. So sleep is interdisciplinary because it touches every aspect of health.

It is not surprising that the night shift has a negative impact on our sleep patterns. So did the job portal Work time wisely Moreover ClaimsThat’s an early start to work, too It doesn’t start until 7 am. This is proven by the following arguments that people who regularly start working at 6 am often get up between 4 and 5 am to go to work. This is dangerous because people who work the early shift do not go to bed early and thus suffer from sleep deprivation. This can increase the risk of mistakes and accidents on the way to work.

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When are our cognitive abilities at their peak?

The sooner the better, right? This is an argument that most employers in particular believe. sea Research d. Paul Kelley, research associate in clinical research Institute of sleep and circadian neuroscience University of Oxford, Jonathan Kelly and MDR Evans But the best time to start is later than you think. Scientists have proven that we have Cognitive skills at 10 am The best.

At 10 am your body temperature is warmer and you are more awake than if you started your work day at 8 or 9 am. Your brain and body are working at their best, so you’re less likely to make a mistake out of fatigue. So it is the perfect time to tackle tasks that require greater concentration and brain power.

Dr. Paul Kelly gave a lecture on British Science Festival 2015 to explainwhich The later morning hours more closely match our natural circadian rhythm. Sleeping and waking up in sync with your body’s internal clock fights sleep deprivation, enhances cognitive performance, and increases productivity.


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