The “ASMR” trend on TikTok may be good for your mental health

Autonomy sensory meridian response

TikToker makes “ASMR” sounds.

ASMR amazes many on TikTok. Can videos have an effect on mental health?

Thousands of ASMR videos can be found on TikTok and many of them are getting millions of views. This trend is healthy. It rattles, crackles, bubbles, whispers softly, or nails smacks on the microphone. Videos in which the film’s protagonists film themselves making soothing noises are especially popular. But could this TikTok trend really have a positive effect on mental health? Buzzfeed de Explains the impact of ASMR videos on people.

After a hard day at school or at the office, many people are looking for rest, relaxation, and well-being – which they apparently find in ASMR videos.

ASMR: subjective sensory meridian response

“ASMR” is an acronym for a term that has been coined since 2010: “autonomous sensory meridian response,” which stands for “autonomous sensory meridian response” and describes the feeling of relaxation and calm that spreads from the scalp to the whole body. This feeling is also called tingling.

Tingling in the head that can spread from the neck to the shoulders is called twitching and can be triggered by ASMR videos and is said to be relaxing.



SOFT ASMR NOISE: Stimuli such as rattling and typing lead to twitching

The sounds that trigger the twitching, also known as the trigger, can be, for example, the crinkling of paper, the noise of food, the tapping of fingernails on a microphone, the pouring of water or the screwing of cans.

For many people, the sounds in ASMR videos seem to have a meditative effect. But not everyone has the same triggers, which is why there are so many different video producers who create ASMR videos in different styles with changing voices and soft voices. In addition to the large YouTube community, ASMR finds its followers on TikTok in particular.

Health Implications: Is ASMR Good for Mental Health?

However, the effects of ASMR on the human body cannot be just a temporary tingling sensation. The researchers looked closely at ASMR. Videos can reduce stress and help treat insomnia. Experiment leader Julia Boerio V Sueddeutsche Zeitung, This research is still in its infancy. And because some just jump on it, ASMR cannot be used as a cure-all.

Even if studies have not yet proven the health-promoting effects of ASMR videos, many use them because they have a calming and relaxing effect on them. Many people watch ASMR videos especially in stressful stages, commenting on many TikTok videos.

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Psychologist Julia Lara Borio has it in for one Stady It was discovered with 1002 participants that ASMR videos can reduce heart rate and thus make you relax.

ASMR as a sleep aid

Many people with mental illness have also reported on TikTok that the videos will help them deal better with their daily lives. However, ASMR is seen as a “meditation-like tool” and not as a replacement for a psychologist, such as Vice He writes.

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One aspect not to be forgotten: falling asleep with ASMR videos. Lack of sleep is not good for your body and it can do it studies Even promoting diseases. Lack of sleep can also lead to depression. There is a close link between the disease and sleep problems Stady. Some people find it easier to fall asleep with the videos, comment below, thus emphasizing the positive impact on their health.


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