This is the beautiful physique queen from the movie The Biggest Loser.

From 2022, The Biggest Loser will be called Life Is Easy – The Biggest Loser. SAT.1 reinvents its popular weight loss offering. In addition to coach Ramin Abten and supervisor d. Kristen Theiss will also be Sigrid Illuma as coach for the first time. We present to you the new face of the weight loss show.

Sigrid Ilumaa is a Personal Trainer and Nutritionist and will also lead a team at Leben Made Easy. Your big goal, of course, is to win the show with one of the candidates once you’ve debuted.

Petra Arvela is no longer a permanent part of the coaching staff in the new season. It will be replaced by Ilumaa in the future. Reason enough to introduce you to your new fitness queen. and that is:

Sigrid Illuma is a nutritionist who has been exercising since she was 6 years old. You can see it in her well-trained body:

You can’t tell by looking at the Estonian that she has already given birth to two children. “I have two adorable daughters. After pregnancy, I couldn’t go on for long either. I did abdominal and leg exercises as well as stretching and movement” “picture” in an interview.

So far, there are very few subscribers on Instagram

She has just under 2000 subscribers on Instagram (as of December 30, 2022). That should change as the show begins January 2nd.

And of course, the fitness coach also has weight loss tips ready after Christmas with loved ones:

She regularly posts nutrition tips and selfies on Instagram. Sigrid Ilumaa is very much looking forward to her new role. “My goal is to accompany the candidates to a new life and experience the many successful moments of the candidates. I want to encourage the candidates to live their lives consciously and show everyone that exercising and eating well are fun. Candidates do everything to change their lives,” she says of her TV show First on SAT.1.

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