In the new episode of “The Bachelorette” it finally happened: Sharon introduces herself to the bald man.

Sharon Batiste, at the start of the new season of “The Bachelorette,” revealed that due to her patchy hair loss, she decided to shave off her hair completely and alternately wear wigs or her bald head. But until now, this information has only been given to the public, and the candidates for the dome show have not known anything about their bald heads until now. In Episode 5, which you can stream with a premium RTL+ account before tonight’s TV broadcast, it’s finally time.

Before Sharon showed all 10 “topless” men, she dared to make a special move with her dating Lucas. The candidate is not only grateful for Sharon’s openness and for being the first man to show himself to him, he also loves her look. The bald head may have surprised him, but he did not find Sharon less beautiful because of this:

“I think that makes it more authentic and even stronger than it is.”

A positive sign for Sharon and just the right words to confront other men later, but do they react just as positively?

The video shows how Sharon looked with her natural braids:

The great revelation in the night of roses

After Lucas has already learned the secret of The Bachelorette, it’s time for Sharon to show off in front of all the bald men on Rose Night. Since some gentlemen’s (long) hair on women is a sign of femininity, she was understandably nervous, but she also knew that once that point was crossed, she could be free.

The first bright faces of the men proved that Sharon had nothing to worry about: “Now she looks even hotter!” stas Outside. But he and his companions find other words:

  • stas: “God suits you!”
  • DominicShe was beautiful before and she is still beautiful.
  • Steven: “I honestly don’t know how I would have acted in her condition. I found him to be very brave, showing great strength and could…only be envied.”
  • Hannes: “Really great respect! It really shows a strength standing there like that.”
  • TomIt definitely fits you, you can wear it.

Not all single men could put their feelings directly into words, the shock and surprise was there Emmanuel And the January He also wrote deep in the face, but the two do not seem to bother with the bald head problem and are still fully convinced of their celibacy. Fortunately, Sharon feels the same way, which is why she gave them a rose in Episode 5. You can find out who had to leave the villa in our reading tip:

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