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League of Legends is one of the most famous and popular video games. Even twelve years after its release, MOBA has an active player base of more than 100 million active users. More than 100 heroes, as the characters are called in technical language, have been given a deep background story, and the game world has been expanded with different games such as “Legends of Runeterra”.

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Now, with “Arcane,” the first series in this universe is coming to Netflix. We’ve already been able to watch the first four episodes and in this preview we reveal if scene animation is also useful for beginners (spoiler: do it!)

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“Arcane” is about brothers VI and Powder. The two live in Zon, the slum of the progressive city of Beltoffer. After an unsuccessful uprising by the inhabitants of the lower town, the owner of the tavern Vander received orphans. In order to stay afloat, Vi and Powder and their friends want to rob a lab in Piltover – and in the process unleash a chain of events that will change the world and their relationship to each other forever.

VI and Powder are the main characters of “Arcane” Photo: Netflix

The first thing that caught the eye in the movie “Arcane” in the trailer was the animation style. And in the final series too, the appearance is one of the highlights. The backgrounds are exquisitely detailed, and the steamy world of Piltover forms a stark contrast to the mold and mud of Zaun. This directly demonstrates why these two worlds do not like each other – not in a subtle way, but effectively.

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This contrast can also be seen in the graphics of the characters: especially in the figures from Zaun, a lot of jagged lines can be seen, while the figures from Piltover are more compact. When manufacturers then start working with particle effects or when individual drops of sweat become visible in slow motion, one cannot help but be amazed. Because this is really a wonderful animation art.

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This feat continues to work. Fast “fuzzy”, just overheated in the right places. This can become too much for one or the other, but it perfectly confirms the opposite situations. When it comes to fight sequences, it soon becomes clear that this is not a children’s series. Every hit is powerful and numbers bleed from corresponding wounds. Soon the audience noticed: there is nothing to laugh inside here.

What evil plans does Silco pursue? Photo: Netflix

This dark and serious approach runs through the story and dialogues as well. Not much to be expected, just that much: ‘Arcane’ doesn’t do anything unprecedented, but it does put enough accents in the beginning to always remain interesting and match shockingly well in many places. Sure, very few characters were introduced at the beginning, but in each development from the first episodes, it can be seen that there are still big things to come.

the games

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And here’s the other masterpiece in the series: you don’t need any prior knowledge to enjoy. There are many characters that fans of “League of Legends” are familiar with and the revelation fades even to non-experts, but the world in general attracts the audience: inside very quickly. Accordingly, it is annoying that individual files are published very sporadically.

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In the first four episodes, “Arcane” actually released a lot of powder – whether there was a lot to see. Because new episodes are released every Sunday on Netflix as follows:

  • November 13, 2021: Chapter Two
  • November 20, 2021: Law Three

New episodes are always released at 9:00 AM local time. And we’re curious to see how the story of Vi, Powder/Jinx, Jayce and Viktor will continue and whether the high starting level can be maintained.

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