MotoGP 2021 Portimao World Championships: race results in MotoGP, Moto2 and Moto3 on Sunday

For the penultimate race of the 2021 MotoGP World Championships, MotoGP, Moto2 and Moto3 riders will gather on the weekend of November 5-7 for the Algarve Grand Prix in Portimao (Portugal). All results are here!

There are still two races left in the 2021 MotoGP World Championship, but the MotoGP world champion has already been decided: Fabio Quartararo made the decision at the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix and took the title.
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The Motorcycle– World Cup World Championship 2021 goes home straight: From November 5-7, 2021, the penultimate race of the season will be on the racing calendar, if the elite go out MotoGPAnd Moto2 and Moto3 gathered in Portimão, Portugal to choose the first sprinter at this year’s Algarve Grand Prix. The highlights of the season await from November 12-14, 2021, when this year’s MotoGP, Moto2 and Moto3 World Championships are decided at the Valencia Grand Prix. The decision on this year’s World Championship title has been made for a long time: Monster Energy Yamaha MotoGP’s French motorcycle racer Fabio Quartararo claimed his world title at the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix at the end of October.

Photos: Rossi, Marquez, Lorenzo Faces of MotoGP

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MotoGP 2021 Portimao World Championships: MotoGP, Moto2 and Moto3 race schedule at the Algarve Grand Prix

date corridor time

Friday 5 November 2021

1. Free exercise

10.00 AM (Moto3)

10.55 am (motorcycle)

11.55 AM (Moto2)

Friday 5 November 2021 2. Free practice

2.15 pm (Moto3)

15.10 (MotoGP)

4.10 pm (Moto2)

Saturday 6 November 2021

3. Free practice

10.00 AM (Moto3)

10.55 am (motorcycle)

11.55 AM (Moto2)

Saturday 6 November 2021 Rehabilitation

1.35 pm (Moto3)

15.10 (MotoGP)

4.10 pm (Moto2)

Saturday 6 November 2021 4. Free practice

15.10 (MotoGP)

Sunday 7 November 2021


10.00 AM (Moto3)

10:30 a.m. (motorcycle)

11.00 am (Moto2)

Sunday 7 November 2021 He runs

12.20 p.m. (Moto3 over 21 laps)

2.00pm (MotoGP over 25 laps)

3.30pm (Moto2 over 23 laps)

MotoGP 2021 World Championships: All results in MotoGP, Moto2 and Moto3 from the Algarve Grand Prix (05.-07.11.2021)

How the motoGP stars from MotoGP, Moto2 and Moto3 succeeded at the Algarve Grand Prix in Portimao in the penultimate race of the 2021 MotoGP World Championships, find here instantly with all the information about the race on the Autodromo Internacional do Algarve racetrack.

+++ 06/11/2021: Moto2 Qualifier Results at Algarve Grand Prix +++

Raul Fernandez earned his seventh pole in his rookie Moto2 season at the Algarve Grand Prix. Remy Gardner and Fabio Di Giannantonio completed the front row. Aron Canet, Augusto Fernandez and Cameron Beaubier start from the second row.

+++ 06/11/2021: MotoGP Qualifier Results at the Algarve Grand Prix +++

Francesco Bagnaia takes center stage at the Algarve Grand Prix in Portimao. The Italian managed to win the penultimate qualifier of the MotoGP season against his Ducati teammate Jack Miller and Suzuki driver Joanne Mir.

+++ November 6, 2021: Sergio Garcia takes first place in Moto3 2nd Qualifier +++

Sergio Garcia took first place in Moto3 qualifying with a fastest time of 1:48.127. The Spaniard took first place at the Algarve Grand Prix in Portugal ahead of John McPhee and Adrian Fernandez.

+++ November 6, 2021: Jeremy Cuba with the best time in the first qualifying Moto3 +++

Jeremy Cuban secured the fastest qualifying time for Moto3 at the Algarve Grand Prix. The Honda rider finished the lap in 1:48.127. Yuki Kone and Alberto Sura came in second and third.

+++ November 6th 2021: Raul Fernandez with the best time in the third Moto2 Free Trial +++

Raul Fernandez finished his third free practice in Moto2 with a time of 1: 42.462. Remy Gardner and Marco Besicchi landed behind him.

+++ November 6th 2021: Bagnaia fastest in third MotoGP free practice +++

Francesco Bagnaia secured the fastest time in the third free practice in MotoGP and is the fastest in qualifying. Biker Fabio Quartaro landed behind him. Stephen Bradel He missed the jump to the top ten and ended up only in the 20th.

+++ 05.11.2021: second free practice in Portimao – all results at a glance +++

The second free practice sessions for the penultimate round of the 2021 MotoGP World Championships have been completed in Portimão. In MotoGP, Fabio Quartararo was able to repeat his victory in the first training round and take the lead once again on the field. The Frenchman, who was crowned world champion early, led with a time of 1:39.390 in the second free practice, removing Francesco Bagnaia (+0.132) and Jack Miller (+0.221) to the positions.

In Moto3, Romano Vinati managed to win his second free practice session on Friday afternoon. Denis Foggia was left behind against the Italian, and was only second, ahead of Gama Macia and Pedro Acosta.

In Moto2, Raul Fernandez was on top in the second free practice and crossed the finish line as the fastest ahead of runner-up Sam Luiz. Remy Gardner had to settle for third.

+++ 05.11.2021: Moto3’s first free practice: Dennis Foggia pulls the best time in Portimao +++

Italian motorcycle pilot Denis Foggia finished his first Moto3 free practice on Friday as the fastest. The Leopard Racing driver crossed the finish line first with 1:48.296 and Stefano Niepa and Philip Salak relegated to their place.

+++ 05.11.2021: Remy Gardner with the best time in Moto2 Free Practice +++

Remy Gardner managed to have the best time on his first Moto2 free practice. Raul Fernandez and Aaron Kanye landed second and third.

+++ 05.11.2021: Quartararo with the best time in the first free practice in MotoGP +++

Fabio Quartararo secured the fastest time in his first MotoGP free practice session in Portugal. The world champion was outpaced by Francesco Bagnaia and Jack Miller, while Stefan Bradel, who started as a replacement for Marc Marquez, was only 21st.

+++ 03.11.2021: Motorcycle pilot Stefan Bradel started the MotoGP in Portugal +++

German motorcycle pilot Stefan Bradel will race in MotoGP in Portimão, Portugal this weekend. Employer Honda announced on November 3 that Bradl will take over the motorcycle from former world champion Marc Marquez. The Spaniard is unable to start due to an injury he sustained while training on his off-road machine.

For Stefan Bradel, this is already the fifth round in the current MotoGP season. Already at the start of the season, the 31-year-old Zalinger stepped in for Marquez and drove the eight-time world champion Factory Honda. Bradle drove to the points in both races as a replacement driver for Honda and later in the two guests he started as a Honda test driver.

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