These two famous coaches are more apt than Edin Dersick

Edin Dersik is the perfect coach for Borussia Dortmund in the current situation. Because BVB has to renew itself after this normal season. At 39, Dersik marks a fresh start. And the risk to club bosses is low. You know he worked as a coach and technical director at the club. Also, the fans love him.

In addition, Dersik knows the team well. Despite being the BVB coach, many players praised him. He is also currently involved in signing newcomers for the upcoming season. This is probably the biggest advantage. He chose Niklas Süle, Nico Schlotterbeck and Karim Adeyemi. You can count on him because he loves you.

And Dersick is the perfect man to secure the trembling BVB defense this season (70 goals in 46 forced games). By comparison: As head coach, Dortmund conceded just 43 goals in 32 games. The rose season was completely different.

Imagine for a second you were transposed into the karmic driven world of Sebastian Kehl. Adeyemi, Schlotterbeck and Süle in the meadow. It looks interesting, that’s the new BVB.

No, Dersik is not the expected savior

Das Contra வான் Florian Wichert, Assistant Editor-in-Chief

A fresh start with Thomas Duchess, one with Peter Bose, one with Lucian Favreau, another with Marco Rose. Each time it was associated with high hopes, early praise and dreams of becoming a champion. Each time he ended up with a big disappointment – without the Championship trophy after all.

So now comes the next restart with Edin Dersik.

He certainly has a great coaching ability and is very popular among ur-Borussia, fans and bosses alike. Yet one can doubt that everything will be fine with him. At 39, Dersik has no experience as a head coach. He has been in charge of only 23 Bundesliga games on the touchline.

He won the trophy with Dortmund in 2021 and made a good final sprint – but he lost 8 of 32 matches. Many forget: During his first and short tenure at BVB, he was heavily criticized and the replacement of another coach was discussed.

The coach of Borussia Dortmund should form a new team after the departure of Erling Haaland, Axel Witsel and others – an experienced and experienced coach like former national coach Joachim Lo would definitely be the best choice. The Union, like Urs Fischer of Berlin, rocked the Bundesliga for three years in a row.

What do you say? Who is right?

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