Home Top News There is hardly any hope of losing people on a burning ferry in the Mediterranean

There is hardly any hope of losing people on a burning ferry in the Mediterranean

There is hardly any hope of losing people on a burning ferry in the Mediterranean

The search for the missing aboard the Italian ferry that has been in flames since Friday Eurofire Olympia In the south of the Adriatic is very difficult. The desperation of the special units: “We measure temperatures around 600 degrees outside the ship. You can’t do anything like that,” the head of the Greek Civil Service’s Special Command, Giorgos Mitsis, said on TV. He added that there is no trace of twelve missing. 280 people may reach safety on Friday.

The ferry was towed by tugs towards the Greek island of Corfu on Saturday afternoon, according to the real-time ship traffic internet portal MarineTraffic. It was not clear at first whether it should be moved to a port or to a bay sheltered from the winds. In the coming days, winds of up to seven were expected in the southern Adriatic.

Another ship fire in the Atlantic Ocean

The massive fire that engulfed a Volkswagen truck over the Atlantic continued to spiral out of control on Saturday. Shipping Felicity Ice With about 4,000 cars from the Volkswagen group, which also includes Porsche, Audi, Bentley and Lamborghini, the burning continues in the Atlantic. However, everyone on board can be saved here: The Portuguese Air Force brought the 22-man crew to safety shortly after the fire broke out on Wednesday.

Dutch rescue experts were already exploring on-site how to put out the fire on the nearly 200-meter-long ship about 170 kilometers south of the Azores, which belongs to Portugal. The photos showed that the fire had already spread from the bow to the stern of the ship. Due to the immense heat inside, the structure above the water line had melted in places.

Ship fires: plumes of smoke rose from the burning cargo ship "Felicity Ice" Top as seen from a Portuguese Navy ship.

Plumes of smoke rose from the burning cargo ship Felicity Ice, as seen from a Portuguese Navy ship.

(Photo: AP / AP)

The captain of the port of Porto da Horta on the Azores island of Faial, closest to the wreck, Joao Mendes Cabicas, told the newspaper. Azores Post Office On Saturday, the fire could not be put out by water because the ship was already slightly spewing toxic substances drifting into the sea.

Many of the shipped cars are electric models, which makes eliminating them more complicated. By Wednesday, three deep-sea tugs should be in Felicity Ice Reach. Upon request, Volkswagen confirmed that the ship was transporting new cars from the Volkswagen Group. The spokesman did not want to confirm media reports that there were about 1,100 Porsches, some Bentleys and several Audis.

There was initially no information about the causes of both fire disasters. The fuel tanks on both ships posed a great danger, and if the fuel spilled into the sea, there would be an oil spill.

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