“The Voice Kids: The new season buzzer begins with chaos! – TV

going well…

Ten years to “The Voice Kids” (p.1), and the anniversary season begins directly with a big mistake.

Together with Mike Singer (22), Lucas Reeker (22) and Joe Weiss (19), the talent show for seven- to 15-year-olds has made many big names. The 7-year-old Tyler also wanted to join this echo team on Friday evening – but it didn’t go so smoothly.

Mega-Talent: Tyler

Mega-Talent: TylerPhoto: © SAT.1 / André Kowalski

The principle of blind selection is simple: the arbitral tribunal sits at the back of the stage with Mickey Beck (54) and Smuto (53), Vincent Weiss (29), Lena Meyer-Landrout (30) and Alvaro Soler (31). Can’t see the singing ability. If you want your team to win a talent, press a buzzer and turn your chair towards the stage. So far, so good … it didn’t work at the beginning of the show.

The buzzing break from the first look: Tyler (7) Sinatra sang his way into the hearts of coaches through the casual edition of the classic “New York, New York”. The Fondas in particular were enthusiastic about his performance, attacking Buzzer directly and turning their double chair towards Tyler. Great pleasure for talent and imagination – but suddenly the chair turned!

Not just a wheelchair break: when Vincent Weiss sounded second, nothing happened. Shoulders shrugged from the refereeing, stunned look, and when the other coaches followed suit, all the chairs finally returned to the podium – four-way noise to Tyler!

Tyler Buzzer was not in trouble

Tyler Buzzer was not in troublePhoto: © SAT.1 / Claudius Pflug

Incidentally, the 7-year-old boy did not mind the buzzer crash and the coach confusion was minimal. He sang simply to the end in a most wonderful way – and received rave reviews.

Pop singer Vincent Weiss exclaimed: “It’s very difficult for other talents to get there in style.”

Vincent Weiss really wanted Tyler on his team

Vincent Weiss really wanted Tyler on his teamPhoto: © SAT.1 / Claudius Pflug

Mickey Beck clarified: “We’ve returned twice for you, and we’ll return a third time.”

To no avail, however, Tyler was immediately convinced: he wants to be on Vincent’s team. He can now look forward to a better talent.


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