The Vienna Orchestra defends the vaccination campaign for «» members

Before the early vaccination of the Vienna Philharmonic, there was resistance to this “privilege” within the Higher Orchestra. Philharmonic Board Member Daniel Froschauer, on the other hand, defends this approach.

2.39 PM, April 19, 2021

Fifth Symphony of Anton Bruckner-Christian Thielmann Leading the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra
Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra, here with Christian Tillmann. © (c) ORF (Dieter Nagel)

Grand concert in Milan on May 12 in honor Ricardo Mutis 80th birthday – this is one of the reasons Wiener Philharmonker, It is for this reason that 95 senior members of the orchestra received the first dose of the vaccine against Corona last week in consultation with the city. It’s a matter of staying able to play internationally and avoiding penalties for failure, hence logic. There was also internal criticism about preparing for the vaccination in advance.

Philharmonic soloist warned orchestral musicians in an open letter. “Using good private contacts in order to obtain any kind of benefit legally would be perfectly legitimate, while I consider the way to jeopardize and put the public image of our Association to the test as a club-wrecking mistake, myopia and an incomprehensible decision!” Available to the APA, in which reference was made to a request from the Philharmonic leadership for “absolute discretion and confidentiality”.

“What are the advantages and benefits of a large“ hoped for ”participation in the history of vaccination for our association? We cannot expect any benefits for people who have been vaccinated here in Vienna, and we cannot announce our vaccinations earlier than is usually possible, but the large amount goes to the risk of rupture of the means The media as “the important people who can reform themselves”? Is it possible to consciously accept potential harm to an orchestral image for vaccination three or four months earlier?“The letter goes on to say, dated April 11. Compared to“ Presse ”(Monday edition), however, the musician in question made his wording relative. Looking back, he might have penned his message differently, because the vaccination campaign was officially about town and thus cleaner It has expired than expected.

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“We bring millions in revenue to this country.”

Opposite “Salzburger Nachrichten” he founded the Philharmonic Council Daniel Froshauer The vaccination campaign at least with the aforementioned Muti Party in La Scala in Milan on May 12th, which will be broadcast to 30 countries and will be one of the most important concert events of this year. And managing director Michael Bladerer Sunday in front of media representatives in general referred to the numerous philharmonic appearances in recent months – as state opera orchestras or in union music. “We make a lot of money abroad, which we tax here. We bring this country a net income in the millions. We have so far received 3 percent of the lost income,” Bladerer said, according to the Standard newspaper.

The announcement of the vaccination campaign sparked the discontent of the artistic community. On the weekend, for example, the IG Freie Theatrearbeit spoke of a “slap in the face” of all the other artists and saw the threat of envy “being very counterproductive at this time.” The authors of IG Autorinnen immediately demanded that other artists be included in the vaccination plan: “The reasons Philharmonic rightly claims also apply to all others, not just to individual events and to just one institution.”


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