The verdict is final – Imprisonment of the Abu Shaker brothers

The verdict is final – Imprisonment of the Abu Shaker brothers
Muhammad (37, left) and Rabea Abu Shaker (38)

Muhammad (37, left) and Rabie Abu Shaker (38) failed to review before the Federal Court of Justice Photo: private

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Prison Brothers Abu Shaker!

In 2019, five men attempted to rob an apartment building in Friedrichshain from an elderly Hamburg couple by forging a land registry entry. The impudent deal was revealed through a letter of insurance – a complaint, accusations and indictment ensued. All the perpetrators have appealed to the Federal Court of Justice – but that has now failed.

According to BZ information, the verdict of forgery and fraud on four defendants – Muhammad Abu Shakir (37 years old), Rabih Abu Shakir (38 years old), and attorney Stefan J. Active final.

Old building on Voigtstrasse (Friedrichshain)

Old building on Voigtstrasse (Friedrichshain) Photo: Olaf Wagner

Meaning: The Abu Shaker brothers are sentenced to four years and ten months in prison, and attorney Stephen J. Three years and six months – Rainer J. Six years and nine months.

The clan brothers had previous convictions for assault and robbery, among other things, but had only ever been taken into custody. Now they will have to serve their first regular prison sentence – unless, like their brother Abdullah Abu Shakir, 40, he intervenes in a lightning deportation.

This notorious criminal has already been deported to Lebanon. The same could now threaten the two of them – because they, too, are stateless.


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