9465 personnes sont actuellement hospitalisées dont 1800 en réanimation.

In order to assess the effectiveness of vaccines in hospitals, the Ministry of Health publishes every week the proportion of patients who did not receive two injections.

“While hospitals are filling up, we still wonder if we should wait before vaccinating?“Friday, August 13, criticism by Olivier Veran. During a trip to Martinique, which is experiencing a health crisis”without any actionThe health minister toughened his tone in the face of vaccinators who plan to gather for a demonstration on the fifth Saturday on August 14. And while there are 9,465 people currently in hospital, including 1,800 in intensive care, the minister urged the French to go to vaccination centers, which is the only way to prevent stretchers from being filled with unvaccinated patients.

Evolution of infection rate, for people in hospital and intensive care – August 13, 2021 CovidTracker

A note shared by Drees, the Ministry of Health’s statistical tool, in its latest report issued Friday, August 13th. “85% of critical care admissions and 79% of conventional hospital admissions are unvaccinated people‘, she remembers. A number equivalent to that reported a week ago. Fully vaccinated patients, who received only two doses or one dose after contracting Covid-19, represent 10% of intensive care beds and 14% in the Covid segment. If vaccinations are not a panacea, they remain largely effective in severe forms. Driven by variable delta prevalence, hospitalizations increased by 28% in three weeks, and 52% in intensive care. “Unvaccinated people bear most of the increase in testing and hospitalizationLa Driss analysis.

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It also affects pollution

In its latest edition, the dress also shows that vaccines have an effect on pollution. In fact, in tests conducted between July 26 and August 1, the number of positives was more significant in the unvaccinated. 100,000 population reported, 345 positive cases not vaccinated versus 45 for those who completed the full vaccination schedule. “For a similar population size, the rate of positive RT-PCR tests is about 8 times lower for fully vaccinated people.»

The statistics agency also reveals four regions, as well as the French overseas provinces ‘Very poor condition’, see the highest unpollinated streams: Corsica, Occitanie, Provence-Alpes-Côtes d’Azur and Ile-de-France. With the exception of the last plan, everyone was forced to release the white plan to deal with the massive influx of patients. The incidence is also high, between 192 in Ile-de-France and 588 in PACA.

Occurrence rate in France – August 13, 2021 CovidTracker

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