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Ridley Scott seems to love historical epics. For his most recent work “Napoleon” now appears his first picture with Joaquin Phoenix as French Emperor.

Ridley Scott Even at the age of 84, he continued to shoot movie after movie at a remarkable pace. After two of his productions were seen on the big screen last year with “The Last Duel” and “House of Gucci,” the director is already working on his next job: Das Biopic “Napoleon” mit Joaquin Phoenix As an eponymous historical figure.

Ridley Scott’s latest epic story, The Last Duel, is now available to stream on Disney+

As part of the filming of “Napoleon” that began last month (via ScreenRant) arrived now Joaquin Phoenix’s “Joker” star as French Emperor to the public. Equipped with the general’s elegant uniform, we see the Oscar winner looking serious beneath the iconic Bicorn. Here you can get a picture of the actor in his costume via Twitter:

Watch Joaquin Phoenix as the eponymous emperor in ‘Napoleon’

The film will take a personal look at the life of Napoleon Bonaparte. The focus is on his origins, his quick and ruthless rise to emperor, and his changing relationship with his wife. The release date is not known yet, but maybe we can come up with it Release in 2023 Calculate. ‘Napoleon’ was produced for + Apple TV. In our video, we tell you the originals that the streaming service has to offer so far:

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What we already know about “Napoleon”.

In addition to Joaquin Phoenix, only two cast members have been announced so far (via Delivery time). While Vanessa Kirby Josephine, Napoleon’s wife Taher Rahim He will play the French politician Paul de Barras, who was also intimate with Josephine. text from David Scarpawho wrote The Story of All the Money in the World for Ridley Scott.

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But before we see Joaquin Phoenix as Napoleon Bonaparte on the big screen, he’ll be starring in Disappointment Blvd. In addition, the independent drama “C’mon C’mon” will begin in German cinemas on March 24, 2022, with Joaquin Phoenix taking the lead role of radio journalist Johnny.

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