The son is said to have gone to Shield in a government helicopter

The son of Minister Christine Lambrecht (SPD) flew to Shield in a Defense Ministry helicopter. The ministry rejects the criticism.

A young man sits hooked on a helicopter, clearly visible in the background of the Ministry of Defense in Berlin. All of this is recorded in a photo taken by the son of Secretary of Defense Christine Lambrecht (SPD) Posted on Instagram. Below is written: “Happy Easter”. According to a report Business Insider The 21-year-old reportedly flew to Shield in a Defense Ministry helicopter for the Easter holidays in April.

Christine Lambrecht’s son apparently flew to the “legal” silt

After learning of the helicopter trip, Lambrecht was criticized. His ministry responded to the allegations Monday afternoon and dismissed them. The minister had applied to ride in a government helicopter and “accepted 100 per cent of the cost as per the guidelines,” a spokesman in Berlin said on Monday. The flight, which departed from Berlin on April 13, flew to Ladalund in the Schellswick-Holstein. There Lambrecht made a troop visit. According to Business Insider, he went on vacation from there to Childe with the bodyguards.

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Stroke-Zimmerman comment on Lambrecht’s son’s flight

As Minister of Defense, Lambrecht has the right to make requests for aircraft that are ready to fly if they make the trip during an official event. According to the ministry, you can decide for yourself who will accompany you on such trips. But: Depending on the federal interest, they have to bear different costs themselves. In the case of Lambrecht’s son flying with him, the ministry said everything went well. “The flight and cost refund were fully in place with guidelines for the use of BMVG aircraft readiness aircraft.” Cost per flight time Business Insider About 5300 euros.

Mary-Agnes Strock-Zimmerman, chair of the safety committee at Bundestock, was reluctant to tell broadcaster Welt about the reason: she could not comment on it yet, but it was an extraordinary process. “I can not determine what kind of plane it was, whether the minister was on the road anyway. The whole thing is not really right, we all know that,” Strock-Zimmerman said in an interview. He thinks Minister Lambrecht can explain the case.

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