Home Top News The so-called US “sanctions” on Hong Kong are completely meaningless – a Chinese portal in your language

The so-called US “sanctions” on Hong Kong are completely meaningless – a Chinese portal in your language

The so-called US “sanctions” on Hong Kong are completely meaningless – a Chinese portal in your language

The U.S. State Department announced on March 17 that it was strengthening sanctions against some Chinese officials, slandering Hong Kong for “weakening its high autonomy.” This kind of hegemonic action shamelessly interferes in China’s internal affairs, brutally tramples on international law and the basic rules of international relations, contrary to the will of the people and has no effect.

This US move is not really unexpected. This is because sanctions are a form of conflict that the United States uses to promote domination. Already in July last year, the United States signed what became known as the “Hong Kong Autonomy Act”, deliberately slandering Hong Kong’s national security law and threatening to impose sanctions on China. Following that, the United States introduced a number of so-called “sanctions” that did not, however, cause any controversy.

Similarly, the so-called “sanctions” adopted by the United States under the so-called “Hong Kong Autonomy Act” will fail this time. Instead, they proved to the international community that these Chinese officials included in the list of US sanctions are doing the right thing.

Judging by the content of the US report, the so-called reasons for the sanctions it provides are simply unbelievable.

It should be emphasized that “one state” is the precondition and basis of “two systems”. In any monarchy, the local election system is determined by the central government.

China has repeatedly emphasized that the problems of Taiwan, the problems of Hong Kong and the problems of Xinjiang are China’s internal affairs, which are related to China’s sovereignty and territorial integrity. The United States must respect China’s core interests. Now, the so-called “sanctions” of the United States in Hong Kong are not helping to get China-US relations back on track.

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China and the United States will soon hold a “2 + 2” summit in Alaska. If the United States really wants to negotiate with China to achieve results, it must show honesty and do more to improve negotiations and bilateral relations, there is no other way.

China does not want to see further tensions in Sino-US relations, but will take effective action in response to the so-called US “sanctions” on Hong Kong. It is not only a firm guarantee for the interests of national sovereignty, security and development, but also a genuine respect for the basic tenets of international law and international relations, a strong counter-attack against hegemonic acts.



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