The royal family: Princess Kate and Prince William

December 13: Is Victoria under pressure from Sweden?

As is the case every year, fans of the Swedish royal family can again in 2022 about Traditional TV documentation “The King’s House” Be happy. It is known that Princess Victoria, Prince Daniel, Princess Sofia and Prince Carl Philip are accompanied by cameras in their daily lives. In an interview with Swedish newspaper Hunt, moderator Rania Shimon Olsen hinted at what viewers can look forward to on December 25 and revealed that Sofia of Sweden and her husband Carl Philip in particular show a very different side: Carl Philip and Sophia are very secretive, but perhaps particularly friendly. And maybe that’s understandable, too, given that egos don’t have the responsibility to become royalty. Since Carl Philip will not be regent, perhaps he can give more of himself.Journalist permission and:

Prince Carl Philip is really funny. He has a lot of humor, but I don’t know if that is always reflected in the media. Crown Princess can also get rid of something so that you have something to laugh about. Maybe she’s a bit braver than that, but Prince Carl Philip seems a lot more outgoing behind the camera and he’s just so funny. He can cheat.

But the situation is slightly different in the case of Swedish Victoria. As the future heir to the throne, there is tremendous pressure on the princess, says Olson: “She needs to cultivate that gravitas and prepare for the day that comes when she takes charge. I think she has a different pressure […]. “

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December 12: Princess Mette-Marit of Norway cannot hold back her tears

It is now known that Princess Mette-Marit of Norway built near the water and, despite royal protocol, does not hold back her feelings in public. A few days ago she cried during a visit with Prince Haakon to the SA in Oslo – and now she can’t hold back her tears. On Saturday, December 10, the 49-year-old attended the Nobel Prize Ceremony in Oslo. When the Nobel Peace Prize was awarded, Mette-Marit let her emotions run wild. As Belarusian human rights lawyer Alice Bialiatsky is currently being held, his wife accepted the award on his behalf. Jan Ratsinskij, president of the Russian Human Rights Organization, was also present Memorial and Oleksandra Matvitsyuk, President of the Ukrainian Organization Civil Liberties Center for the word. “For millions of people, words like bombs, torture and deportation have become commonplace. But there is no word for the pain of a mother who loses her newborn son to the bombing of the maternity hospital.”, so the terrible descriptions of Oleksandra Matwijtsjuk. Finally, when Ratszynski’s rhetoric turned to hate Ukraine in Russia, all dams broke in Mette-Marit, Norway, She had to reach for her handkerchief again and again.

You can read here what was happening in the royal houses of this world last week.


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