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The reason is Lukasz Podolski! Gunther Jazz discovered a shameful fake live on TV


December 06, 2021 – 1:01 am Clock

Lucas Podolski and the threatening autograph

Have you heard of Lucas Podilsky? No? Neither do we! However, he is the one who sits with Londer Podolsky (36), Kunder Jazz (65) in the studio “2021! People, Pictures, Emotions”. Everything goes well until suddenly a certain autograph arrives and the situation is relaxed … In the video, we show how Jazz discovered a nasty fake in the middle of a live broadcast.

“Lucas Podilski … is that a misprint?”

As a football star, writing an autograph for Bolt is part of everyday business. Gunder Jazz, who last came through a TV review of “People, Pictures, Emotions” for the 25th anniversary, has one of these at home. But wait a minute – there’s something wrong with Jachin’s bold autograph. “Lucas Podilski … is that a misprint?” Jazz asks on the live broadcast. The super talented judge laughs and considers it a Polish fake.

The good part is: Lucas Podolski’s autograph of Gunther Jach – or Lucas Podilski?

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Günther Jauch fell victim to a fake

When Bolti said this, Gunther Jazz could not believe his ears: “Is that really wrong ?! But I got it from you!” Well, that’s so stupid. How nice that both Boldy and Jazz didn’t take the whole thing so seriously, thus a real public laugh.

After this story, Bolti will definitely sign the 65-year-old before his eyes in the next autograph.

In the video: Highlights of Gunder Jach in this year’s review

“2021! People, Images, Emotions” on TV and RTL +

Following the TV broadcast of “2021! People, Pictures, Emotions”, a spectacular TV review is also available for streaming on RTL +. (Stupid)

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