The man died in a fire at his family home

Splingen (vs) – A man died in a fire at his home in Süplingen (Haldensleben city district) in Börde district on Tuesday (March 8).

When firefighters arrived, a family home in downtown Süplingen was on fire. Eyewitnesses say a woman and a man were initially able to escape the burning building.

The neighbor described the owner of the house running out with a burning blanket. “My husband went out with the fire extinguisher, but it didn’t do much. I called the fire department and took care of the woman. She is in the hospital now, “said a neighbor.

Smoke growth is highest in Süplingen in the Börde district.
Smoke growth is highest in Süplingen in the Börde district.

Photo: Matthias Strauss

According to police, the man is said to have returned to the burning house. Haldensleben police further confirmed that he was dead. Firefighters are concentrated in large numbers. The fire is under control. The fire was prevented from spreading to nearby houses.

According to the Börde police station, investigations into the cause of the fire have begun. As far as the knowledge available so far, investigators consider it a technical shortcoming. The deceased’s wife was taken to hospital. The house was badly damaged by the fire. Information on property damage is not yet available.


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