They are a family, and they always stand up for each other – the Kelly Family has a special bond. It must have been the most difficult for the members of the musical family to write this Instagram message: Barbie Kelly passed away at the age of 45. Her siblings are deeply saddened.

Kelly Family posts death report on Instagram

“Our beloved sister Barbie passed away a few days ago after a struggle with the disease. We are deeply saddened and ask for your understanding that we are not commenting on him now,” she wrote on Instagram. “We will miss Barbie infinitely and she will always be in our hearts. Thank you for your concern and prayers.”

Barbie Kelly turned his back on the stage

According to the photo released by the family following the death report, Barbie Kelly died on April 15. It is not known what disease cost her life.

In 2000 she had pulled the musician out of the audience, and had only sang on one or another album from the Kelly Family Album with her siblings. In 2013, her brother Jimmy Kelly raised a problem that had been with Barbie for many years: mental illness.

“I want to tell you that Barbie was many years ago Suffering from mental illnessThis makes it impossible for her to live alone, take care of herself, or take responsibility for her life. The musician revealed on Facebook at the time that she should be under constant supervision. According to Bild, the singer was living with her adoptive parents in North Rhine-Westphalia at the time. But contact with her family never interrupted Sister Patricia. Kelly said she would like to bring Barbie for Christmas and then celebrate with her. Additionally, the 51-year-old once confirmed in an interview: “Not everyone is made for life in the limelight. However, she always feels like she’s playing music. We’ll take care of them.”

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The family says goodbye to Barbie Kelly

Now Barbie Kelly brothers and sister trust a character that not only won the hearts of their families, but also the hearts of fans. Hundreds of condolences can already be found under this post.

Sister Mighty Kelly said goodbye to Barbie on Twitter, writing: “Mama Barbara and Papa Dan hold you in their arms … You are at home now.”

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