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HomescienceThe Guadeloupe community wants to postpone the start of the school year

The Guadeloupe community wants to postpone the start of the school year

According to elected officials in Guadeloupe, hygiene does not allow you to calmly think about returning to school at a specific date. They are looking for in-depth consultations with all relevant departments to consider the logistical and important way to reopen classrooms.


The delta variant of Covid-19 is considered to be particularly toxic and contagious and is an active epidemic in the Guadeloupe Islands. During the current fourth wave of the coronavirus outbreak, strains of this disease affect more than 90% of cases. And children are inevitable.

In addition, vaccination campaigns, which the French authorities consider the only response to prevent the disease, have not yet achieved much domestic success. 33% of the population received the first injection and overall coverage stagnated at about 20%.

How would you feel comfortable going back to school in this context? This is a question asked by the concerned heads of the Regional Council, Ari Chalus, the District Council, Guy Luspar, and the Association of Guadeloupe Mayors, Jocelyn Sabotel.

The answer is clear. After interacting with several stakeholders from the school community and all neighborhood mayors on the morning of Saturday, August 21, 2021, the executives decided to request the postponement by video link. School.

At the end of the discussion, the elected officials, fully responsible and present unanimously, decided that the current health situation would not allow the start of the school year on the day initially planned by the state departments. ..

District/Division/AMG- Press Release August 21, 2021

Therefore, the controversy among elected officials is that they “Efforts to return children from Guadeloupe to primary schools, universities and secondary schools”..
The aim is to ensure not only the students, but the entire school community in each institution. “Conditions for maintaining the health and safety of everyone“.

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Now that their wish has been fulfilled, the archipelago’s elected officials are calling for broader consultations from Monday, among other things, with state, academic authorities and parent services.According to jointly defined schedules, logistical and physical modalities“.

Ari Chalus, who met at the airport on Saturday, was greeted by Patrick Karam, vice president of the Ile-de-France region.

We are in captivity until the 1st of September. There is no doubt that today children are being asked to go back to school on the second day! (…)

Elected officials made a decision. We work with elected officials, parents of children, employees, unions…!

Ari Chalus, President of Guadeloupe

© Jordi Rayapin and Rodrigue Lami-Guadeloupe 1st

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The Guadeloupe community wants to postpone the start of the school year

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