The German Federal Intelligence Service (BND) strongly underestimated the Taliban - BILD reveals government protocol - foreign policy

It was a miscalculation of historical proportions.

When the federal government’s crisis team met Friday in Afghanistan, the Federal Intelligence Service (BND) made a killer assessment of the security situation in Kabul.

In the minutes of the meeting on August 13, which is owned exclusively by BILD, the minutes of the meeting of the German Federal Intelligence Service read: “The TLB takeover of Kabul (Taliban, Ann. D. Red). Somewhat unlikely before 9/11.”

According to Germany’s Federal Intelligence Service, the Taliban leadership “currently has no interest” in capturing the Afghan capital by military force.

Although the German Federal Intelligence Service suggests that leaving the Afghan elite could “accelerate the process”, there is no mention of the immediate downfall of Kabul.

In fact, things went completely differently. On Sunday, August 15th, Taliban terrorists captured Kabul without firing a single shot. Two days after the German Federal Intelligence Service (BND) assessed that the capital could be held for weeks.

On Sunday morning, the federal government still assumed that Kabul would not be captured by the Taliban for several days, and accordingly planned evacuation flights for the German armed forces. Bearded Taliban fighters marched into the presidential palace on Sunday afternoon – all assessments of the security situation turned out to be completely wrong.

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