Former football manager Rainer Colmond has been making headlines for a long time by reducing his weight. Twitter users can now convince themselves of the massive success: the 72-year-old could not be identified in his new profile picture. He looks at the camera and smiles happily and extends a thumb upwards.

For his health, Colmond lost about 90 pounds, as he said. “PictureThe newspaper said: “My waist was 180 kg at one time and now it is 90 kg. So I cut myself in half and I feel so much better. “

There are plenty of congratulations in the comments: “Crazy, empty. Respect! “, A user writes. Another comment:” Mens Rainer, I can not recognize you now. Slim is a great achievement. Stay healthy. “The film, which has been online for three days, has now received more than 20,000 likes.

The long journey of the “Iron Gully”

Today the appraiser feels comfortable looking at his own skin. But that was a long way off because Colmond once wore 11XL size shirts.

This was followed in 2009 by an attempt to lose weight with the documentary soap “Iron Gully”. At that time he reached his goal and lost 30 kg. The turning point came after a while: the yo-yo effect was set. “A few months after this good event it got angry. Calories marched towards me in the strength of the company. Suddenly I gained 40 to 45 kg. I got boiled,” he told the press.Severe“.

In early 2020, Colmond sought the most drastic measures: he underwent gastric surgery and finally it worked with standard weight loss. However, as he emphasizes in the “Built” interview, he is still old-fashioned: “I live a very healthy life, I move a lot, my values ​​are above. Of course, I still like tasty food,” says Colmond.

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