Home Top News The G7 Summit will be held in Bavaria again

The G7 Summit will be held in Bavaria again

The G7 Summit will be held in Bavaria again

For the second time, Elmau Castle will be the destination of the seven leading industrialized nations. Federal Chancellor Schultz will chair the summit. There are several reasons for choosing the site.

The summit of the seven major western industrialized nations will take place in Schloss Elmau in Bavaria. According to a federal government spokesperson on Tuesday, the government is inviting heads of state and government to host the meeting from June 26-28. During Germany’s last G7 presidency in 2015, the federal government held the summit in the castle.

Government spokesman Stephen Hebestreet said Elmau Castle met “all logistical and safety requirements for the G7 summit site”. Prime Minister Markus Söder said Bavaria would like to prepare for the host role (CSU) Turn in Munich. “Bavarian security is guaranteed there, which is why we are really looking forward to the whole world coming to Bavaria.”

Chancellor Schulz will chair the G7 summit

The summit will be chaired by the Federal Chancellor Olaf Schulze (SPD) stand up. In 2017, as mayor of Hamburg, Schulz had experience in meeting the difficult security challenges of international summits in major cities: the G-20 summit in Hamburg was accompanied by serious riots at the time.

The conference area of ​​Schloss Elmau at an altitude of about 1000 meters above sea level in the Bavarian Alps will be easier to protect from security forces than the urban conference site. In addition, it provides a “scenic backdrop” that “made a lasting impression across the world” at the 2015 summit, government spokesman Stephen Hebestreet noted.

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Germany will assume the presidency of the Group of Seven on January 1, 2022. The group of leading Western industrialized nations includes Germany, the United States of America, Great Britain, France, Italy, Japan and Canada. The G7 countries account for about a third of global economic output. About ten percent of the world’s population lives there.


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