The fight for jobs continues at Bosch in Bühl

Mayors are worried

What’s next at Bosch Bühl? Workers, mayors and unions cannot understand the lack of communication about job cuts. The business meeting had to be cancelled.

View of Buehler’s main factory: During the planning phase of the new expansion on the right, management probably had no dismantling in the plan.

Photo: Bernard Margol

The downsizing continues and the end is not in sight: negotiations have been going on for about a year without comprehensible results. Now the situation threatens to escalate. Bosch management is cutting 705 jobs at the two sites in Bühl / Bühlertal. It is still unclear how many positions have actually been lost in the bottom line.

The mayor and union representatives set off a momentum: “The administration is picking up numbers and working brilliantly,” that’s the claim. The mood of the workforce fell to zero, and a business meeting had to be canceled for the first time in Buehler-Bush’s history.

“We had to end the business meeting because it got too emotional. The employees now finally want clarification on the specific job cuts. Nobody knows where the trip is headed,” IG Metall’s Ahmet Karademir sums up this editorial team. There was nothing like this in Bosch in Bühl.

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