Home Top News The English fill the summer holidays. Johnson advises that mature people are pro-July

The English fill the summer holidays. Johnson advises that mature people are pro-July

The English fill the summer holidays.  Johnson advises that mature people are pro-July

LONDN / PRAGUE Premier Boris Johnson announced over the weekend that all adult Britons will be excluded by the end of July this year. This should allow the islanders a normal summer vacation.

The United Kingdom has a changed summer tradition compared to other European countries. In the UK and Wales, children con, and mid-July and round, usually return for the week. This British government could act by seizing and then sorting the blankets in its vaccine. In contrast to the original module for inducing adult population into the country, the new cabinet is guaranteed by the end of July.

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According to British officials, intensive talks are underway with countries with summer residences for many of the islanders. In August, they will probably go to the British Czech Republic and Spain, in any case, to be issued a Govt passport for their homeland, they do not even need a negative test for the corona virus.

Celebrity Conservatives fully supported Johnson’s holiday. For one thing, it imposes serious crises when the risk of death is high, but positive tests, hospitalizations and sweating are failing to protect them at a time when the most vulnerable population is its shrines, the British daily The Daily Telegraph reported. Sir Graham Brady, Chairman of the Influential Commission of 1922. It plays a key role in determining who will be the leader of the Conservative Party, or who will be removed from office in the past, for example, former Prime Minister Theresa May.

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The British are at the forefront of the fictional European vaccine Peloton. According to the Ever World in Data server run by the University of Oxford, 17.3 million of them received at least the first two shots against Govt-19. Only the United States is ahead of them, where the vaccination wall protects 43 million people. Only Israel, which vaccinated 49 percent of the British population, outnumbered the population.

Britt Shaker is known to help. Pfizer began calling her world number one on December 8th. All three vaccines approved in the United Kingdom are administered at two doors over several weeks, with the route placed at the base of at least the first two. Full coverage is now available to more than a million people, mainly the elderly in the most vulnerable groups, such as nursing homes and paramedics in the front row.

Gradual growth

The British should take the lead first. Boris Johnson screens today to announce the gradual development of corona virus activity. Although the exact details are not known, the 8th wheel is likely to be drilled or drilled into the wheels. Restaurants and pubs may open in April and May.

He gave the whole dog a relaxed day for Easter candles. In the United Kingdom, the so-called Six Rule may be reintroduced, which was in effect in the country last fall. No more than six people were allowed to sit at the bottom of the table, and sports activities were limited to six games. November can be recorded as the so-called accommodation mix between the English words November and golden holiday. In principle, this will be the aircraft of Aspolinsk operations near home.

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A major role in social discussions is played by the game of sports. The Conservative government seems to have blamed itself for the goal of organizing both the famous Wimbledon tennis coming in mid-July and the seven changes of Euro football at Wembley in London.

Boris Johnson is very careful in his public statements. He would like to prevent the first defeat, when the British were repeatedly promised a normal Christmas, from which the pie was finally sown, and much of the famous rage fell first on his head. Personally, however, the design is again promising, especially considering the unquestioned British urgency in the vaccine industry. Pe denk The Daily Telegraph with internal vldn sources about this.


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