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Road trips and wild cycling trials between the United States and France

Maybe you’re just like us, maybe you’re good. You can sit in a slightly helpless position in front of the TV every night, switching from Netflix to the HBO and video library to the video library in frustration and finding the perfect movie for the evening.

If you’ve in the same group, we have something to save your time – a tip for a movie tonight. Do not expect developed suggestions from movie critics, but personal tips from members of the editorial staff.

Author Honza Struhall has produced three more films today, or rather documentaries.

Enjoy the trip
(Amazon Prime, 96 minutes, 2017)

Buy an “yellow man”, an American school bus, turn it into a mobile page and embark on an adventurous journey across the United States. This is the dream of every nomadic and free lifestyle people. This was done by a young German couple – filmmaker Felix Stark with his girlfriend, singer Mowgli (you can hear in the trailer) and their Bernice mountain cottage Rudy. Many years ago, they moved to the United States, where they bought an old school bus, turned it into a motor home, and flew from Alaska to Mexico via Canada and the United States. The hilarious scenes and spontaneity excite many hipsters, but the truth is, the story is very shallow and does not bring a deep insight into the local culture.

In this sense, Felix Stark’s previous documentary is the best Pedal the World, In which he will travel 18,000 kilometers in 22 countries around the world. After watching the film, if you are also interested in the couple’s current activities from Expedition Happiness, you can check it out, for example On Instagram. He now plans to settle in Spain and build a farm.

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Faces, villages
(Amazon Prime, 89 minutes, 2017)

America is far away from you, and would you appreciate a road trip around the old continent? The documentary on the now-deceased Belgian director Agnes Ward can be recommended in the originals Visages, Villages. Accompanied by a 30-centimeter-tall street artist, nicknamed JR, he travels through his native France. However, these are not tourist destinations, as the couple with the old Mercedes explore the French countryside and its neglected industrial areas, where JR photographs working people and then transforms the images into large-scale street art paintings. And he confronts the photographers with them. It is a delightful, sophisticated and in-depth study of the social strata of the French countryside.

(Netflix, 52 minutes, 2020)

If instead of four laps you only appreciate two, you should not miss the novelty known as Director Jeremy Grant’s Partner, which introduces the audience to the context of wild cycling experiments and dives downhill. This documentary shows the best riders in the world from pedaling to wild dynasties on the most fascinating tracks around the world.

Breathtaking scenes of mountain ridges, woods, rock bass, but also an indescribable number of backflips, frontflips, barbines and other cycling experiments – these are full-bodied films, and it really sets the scene for you to open your mouth at times. It also reminds you that the new cycling season is really in a corner.

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