Home entertainment The director talks about the end of “Fast & Furious” · KINO.de

The director talks about the end of “Fast & Furious” · KINO.de

The director talks about the end of “Fast & Furious” · KINO.de

In an interview, director Justin Lin talked about his approach to the grand finale of “Fast & Furious”.

After a total of four films, Taiwanese filmmaker Justin Lin needed a brief pause for his Fast & Furious series. With only a seven-year gap, he transformed his semi-finished synthesis film streak from 2006 to 2013 into a complete action saga. Then the others took over.

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But Lynn couldn’t or didn’t really want to finish “Fast & Furious”. Because the end was expected, and who will finish the series, if not him? Fast & Furious 9 marks the starting point for the last three films. Then it gets really epic again. Needless to say, two films are needed to truly celebrate the closing. Dividing the plot into two films also gives him the opportunity to approach the final films in the main series in a completely different way, Lin said in the interview with Collider I showed:

“Usually when we start, it’s part of our philosophy that the sequel shouldn’t be taken for granted. So we’re doing everything we can to do justice to this chapter. And it has worked well so far. But I think I’ve spoken with Vin Diesel about the end of the story over the past 10 years.” But it was always just something we talked about. And I have to say, my comeback is the first time I’ve allowed myself to say, “Okay, let’s talk now about the last chapter.”

Kino.de had the opportunity to speak to Michelle Rodriguez about “Fast & Furious 9”. You can see what she has to say about the next speed adventure on this one Video:

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There is also a special reason to split the ending into two films, Lynn continues: Each of the countless lovable characters should be allowed to have another train. Not only Dom Toretto by Vin Diesel and Letty Ortiz by Michelle Rodriguez, but also Song Kang Han, and Therese Gibson Pearce and Ludacris Tej Parker’s novel:

“When I sat down with everyone talking about their characters, it was so common that a lot of what we were talking about ended up not being on screen. That’s unfortunate. To be able to re-see many of these characters was very satisfying. At the same time, I just wanted to. More space. But I think we were still very disciplined. “

But for now, fans can look forward to “Fast & Furious 9”, which will be released next July 8, 2021 It begins in German cinemas.

Only true fans of the action saga can pass the great “Fast & Furious” test without errors:

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