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The Dark Pictures – House of Ashes: The First 60 Minutes of German Gameplay

The Dark Pictures - House of Ashes: The First 60 Minutes of German Gameplay

In the past few days, many YouTubers and game magazines have had the opportunity to meet the third branch of the “The Dark Pictures” series. In the meantime, several videos of the game have been released in which you can experience the first hour of the narrative horror adventure.

One of them comes from a German Youtuber called Chrizz Play. In addition to the mechanics of the game, you can get an impression of German synchronicity here.

As in the previous branches, the course of the story depends on the decisions you made. You can see some of them in the video below.

An approximate explanation of the plot

The interactive story revolves around a squad of American soldiers on a mission in Iraq. However, in doing so, they fall into a ravine and find themselves shortly thereafter in a cave complex. The team soon realizes that they are not alone…

You can watch the final trailer for House of Ashes here:

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Our internal preview report on the game was published yesterday. There, Franziska wrote, among other things: “While Man of Medan was a little teen horror story and I experienced the witch’s burn in Little Hope, the House of Ashes seems to have gotten a little more supernatural, causing little goosebumps. The mysterious creatures seem dangerous and uncharacteristic. tangible to us, which definitely increases the horror factor exponentially.”

“The Dark Pictures – House of Ashes” will be available in stores on October 22nd for PS5, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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More news about the House of Ashes, The Dark Pictures – House of Ashes.

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