The Cycle: Frontier - Survival game beta extended

Studio YAGER has revealed that the closed beta of The Cycle: Frontier has been extended.

If you’re into the beta of the survival game The Cycle: Frontier, I have some interesting news for you: the closed beta has been extended.

she says: “For further community feedback, the closed beta will be extended for another week until November 8, 2021. To get insight into the closed beta, players can sign up via Steam or the Epic Games Store.”

At the same time, some current beta numbers have also been revealed. Accordingly, 1,928,613 opponents of AI have been defeated and 74,000 prospectors* have found their end at the hands of AI.

248,067 players were bloodthirsty who killed other players in PvP battles and 2004 prospectors suddenly found their end due to planetary conditions in Fortuna III.

about this connection You can sign up for the Clsoed Beta.

The Cycle: Frontier is scheduled to be released in the first half of 2022.

We have more news, information and videos on the topic of “survival” here.

We think so:
These are very impressive numbers. We are excited to see what the final match has to offer.

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