Cruise ship in the Mediterranean port of Livorno.
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A 28-year-old passenger disembarked from a cruise ship. It was found only 15 hours later. (iconic image) © Imago / Maciej Olszewski

A cruise ship passenger fell overboard in the Gulf of Mexico. The man was in the cold sea for 15 hours. A major search operation saved his life.

New Orleans – A New Orleans man witnessed a real miracle on Thanksgiving last week. The 28-year-old fell into one Sea trip at sea – and was not found until 15 hours later. A major search in the Gulf of Mexico saved his life.

A passenger on a cruise ship has gone missing in a major search operation in the Gulf of Mexico

On Wednesday (November 23), a 28-year-old man from United States of America He cruised the Carnival of Valor from New Orleans with his sister. Like the American broadcaster CNN She stated that the passenger disappeared around 11pm. After not showing up all night, his sister finally reports him missing at noon the next day.

A search began on the ship and at sea. Coast Guard Lieutenant Philip VanderWitt said the Coast Guard then received a call from the cruise ship around 2:30 p.m. CNN in the current situation. The search was eventually expanded to include helicopter search teams from the air. The Coast Guard has also received support from Florida, New Orleans and Alabama.

Cruise passenger falls overboard: rescuers find he has hypothermia and dehydration

“All sailors in the Gulf have been alerted and the Coast Guard is using ‘all available resources,'” Lieutenant Seth Gross, US Coast Guard Search and Rescue Coordinator, told the channel. To assist in the search, the Carnival Valor re-routed and eventually returned. “The search spanned over 200 miles,” Gross said. A mile in the bay.” Water temperatures at the time were only 70 degrees Fahrenheit — the equivalent of about 21 degrees Celsius.

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A helicopter team then located the missing person at around 8:25 p.m., floating in the Gulf of Mexico. The 28-year-old was taken to the airport by helicopter and then to the hospital. “He was able to give his name and confirm that he was the one who fell into the sea,” Gross said. The missing person showed signs of hypothermia, shock and dehydration but was able to walk and communicate.

28-year-old lives 15 hours at sea: ‘Thanksgiving miracle’

When and how the 28-year-old fell into the sea, he could not give a clear answer to the authorities. However, Gross assumes that the passenger was in the water for about 15 hours. If it’s been that long, said the lieutenant, “it’s the longest I’ve ever heard of it—and one of the miracles of Thanksgiving.” CNN.

Just a few months ago A holidaymaker has fallen off a cruise ship off Mallorca. The woman could not be saved. (sixth)


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