The Apple Car that Never Was: A Timeline

After a decade of speculation and uncertainty, Apple has officially terminated its secretive car project, known as Project Titan. The project, which aimed to develop an electric vehicle or autonomous driving system, faced numerous challenges and pivots throughout its lifespan.

Apple first showed interest in the electric vehicle space back in 2013, with reports of meetings with Tesla CEO Elon Musk and the hiring of EV experts. Project Titan officially began in 2014 with a team of 1,000 people led by former Ford engineer Steve Zadesky. Apple executives even scouted for partners and toured BMW facilities.

Despite various leaks and reports indicating Apple’s involvement in the automotive industry, the company never publicly confirmed the project until 2017 when CEO Tim Cook revealed the focus on autonomous systems. The project saw multiple setbacks, including leadership changes, hiring freezes, and strategic pivots, with a focus on full self-driving capabilities at one point.

Throughout the years, Apple explored partnerships with automakers like McLaren, Hyundai, and Kia, as well as discussions with battery suppliers. However, in 2024, Apple ultimately made the decision to abandon Project Titan, marking the end of the ambitious but ultimately unsuccessful endeavor.

The termination of Project Titan raises questions about Apple’s future in the electric vehicle and autonomous vehicle industries and its potential sources of revenue moving forward. With the project officially scrapped, it remains to be seen what Apple’s next steps will be in the ever-evolving automotive landscape.

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