Home Tech The app and the teaser disappoint fans

The app and the teaser disappoint fans

The app and the teaser disappoint fans

Creepy ghost or transparent sheets? The horror game has always been haunted by the PlayStation 5 exclusive, with many unsure what to think of the title and the murky conspiracy theories. Because many indications are that behind the title is actually New Silent Hill and the infamous Hideo Kojima.

BLUE BOX Game Studios, the developers behind AbandonedThen he wrote a statement, which denies any connection to Kojima, Konami and Silent Hill. But regardless of whether Kojima was involved or not: the recently released app, the “Realtime Experience Patch” and the teaser, which fans already know from Twitter, did not help clarify the situation and may have disappointed many interested parties.

Abandoned: The first trailer for the PS5 exclusive horror game

Almost empty app and familiar teaser

In fact, they wanted to publish the subscription app in June, but due to some problems, a decision was made to postpone it to August. It’s now available for PlayStation 5 owners. Unfortunately, the main reason the app is scary is the lack of content.

With the correction of August 13Since users were able to use the app, only one video has been added: a 5-second teaser in which a man walks through the photo. The fact that the video is so obscure wouldn’t be so bad in itself if BLUE BOX Game Studios hadn’t done it a few days ago. Already on Twitter subscriber. The exclusive application and, above all, the new content at this point in time: zero.

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If you don’t have a PS5 or are sick of time to download the app: James Jarvis, producer of GoldenJoysticks shared it A complete Twitter experience. As an initial warning, it is said that the app should not offer any playable content, only trailers and demos of the gameplay. Apart from the humor available, the app showed that at least three trailers and two videos of gameplay should be followed.

As the video in the app shows at the end, a playable intro is also played. Until then, fans will be patiently searching for their notebooks and Sherlock Holmes hats for more speculation about the “true identity” of the abandoned. Recently a new rumor surfaced that the title should not be Silent Hill, but rather Metal Gear Solid! Until we know more, we’ll have to wait and keep expectations low.

these: Kotaku / BLUE BOX Game Studios on Twitter

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