Test: Samsung Galaxy Book 360 pro - Economy

Samsung’s new Galaxy Book 360 pro, you can’t put it any other way, it is eye-catching in its aluminum gown. And the Koreans have achieved what many manufacturers do not succeed or seem unimportant: if you open the lid, the laptop will stop, so you don’t need two hands for it. It may seem trivial, but it shows that you did something.

As the name suggests, the Galaxy Book 360 belongs to the convertible category, so the screen folds 360 degrees, giving you a tablet. How important it is in Windows 10, which not only adapts well to the on-screen process, everyone has to decide for themselves, but a stylus is also included, which allows for more accurate work in case of doubt.

There’s nothing wrong with the performance of an ultra-thin laptop, and noise development is very limited. As the technology suggests, the 33cm OLED screen has very strong color and contrast, but it’s not particularly color-matched – something that bothers professional photographers who want to use it for image processing.

The big drawback: the hard drive is only 250GB in size

The keyboard – always a matter of taste – is pleasant to type and not loud. The touchpad is pleasantly large and reacts very quickly to gestures. The Galaxy Book is well equipped with connectors and three USB ports – but in C format, so one or another adapter might be necessary. There’s also a built-in headphone / microphone jack and a micro SD format memory card slot.

But the really rare place is storage. The hard drive is only 250 GB, and the main welded memory is only eight. You can insert a large micro SD card, but a hard drive more than twice the main memory will not be damaged. But this is only available on the model with a more powerful processor and 300 euros more – a shame. It’s also a shame that the touch-sensitive screen is very reflective.

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The bottom line is this is a very well built laptop in terms of design, it has a very flat shape and looks valuable in terms of materials used. Unfortunately, the amount of memory and main memory is associated with the processor, which makes purchasing more memory expensive. The micro SD slot is only a weak alternative for this.


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