Elon Musk, Tesla-Chef, kommt zum Tag der offenen Tür auf eine Bühne der Tesla Gigafactory. In Grünheide, östlich von Berlin, sollen ab Ende 2021 die ersten Fahrzeuge vom Band rollen. Das US-Unternehmen will hier jährlich rund 500.000 Exemplare vom Model Y bauen.

On Saturday October 9, there was a real celebration at Tesla in Grünheide: there was a celebration before the factory opened County Fair, so a folk festival in the factory buildings. Even 9000 guests Walk around the area, where the electric vehicle manufacturer has been given a special permit by the state. There was an extensive program, Tesla booths, a factory tour, snack bars and even a DJ in the evening.

Elon Musk comes to Grünheide: ‘The plant uses very little water’

Elon Musk went on stage around 6 p.m. in Grünheide. Fans photographed his arrival, and he was celebrated as a star. Interested parties can ask Elon Musk questions by writing to Tesla on Twitter and the questions will then be read.

Musk thanked his fans in German: “This party is for you.” Then he talked about the plant’s goals, which is that it should contribute to the energy transition and be part of a climate-neutral future.

He also said he was concerned that Tesla would not be able to employ enough people in Grunheide. “We really need good people from all over Europe,” said the Tesla boss. Encourage everyone who is interested to apply: “We need a lot of people!” You can do this on the site.

Controversy over it water consumption From Gigafactory Elon Musk also addressed: “Our plant uses really little water!”

As confirmed by supercharger Any Tesla brand electronic charging stations will be built on the highway. They want to use the site feature and “of course” build the pillars.

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It is assumed that the Tesla cars that are manufactured at the Grünheide plant for all of Europe It is delivered, so the entrepreneur. This is better for the environment than continuing to move models around the world.

Tesla boss wants sNo later than December The production of the first electric cars for Europe in Germany. After that, it will take until the end of next year to ramp up production. By then, the battery plant still under construction should be up and running adjacent to the auto plant, Musk said.

You can read more information about Elon Musk’s work and vision for Brandenburg here:

The Gigafactory in Grünheide will be run independently and completely from green electricity

Tesla Fest Liveticker: What’s Happening on the Site?

Our reporters on site accompanied us all day at the Gigafactory. How did the party go and what were the highlights, you can read here in our live tape:

Elon Musk in Grünheide - Current information about the open day in the live tape

Elon Musk landed in Berlin

October 9th Festival will be too Elon Musk Be present in person – he promised on Twitter.

At around 4pm on Friday, Elon Musk landed at Berlin-Brandenburg Airport (BER). The American billionaire flew his private plane N628TS – which also has its own Twitter account.

Festival in Grünheide: traffic and guests

Before the Tesla Festival, concerns were about a Traffic chaos Loud about Berlin. Tesla itself requires guests to travel by regional train – but many people will certainly still be driving. But it will be between the train station latch lock And give the factory a shuttle bus.

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