Home Economy Survivor Order R: Rheinmetall Upgrades the Federal Police

Survivor Order R: Rheinmetall Upgrades the Federal Police

Survivor Order R: Rheinmetall Upgrades the Federal Police

Survivor R . command
Rheinmetall upgrades the Federal Police

The federal government has ordered another 55 armored police vehicles from the armament company Rheinmetall. For a group, this means income in the two-digit million range. But options can still increase the size significantly.

Arms company Rheinmetall received an order from the Federal Ministry of the Interior for the purchase of 55 special armored vehicles Survivor R for the federal police and riot police. The Düsseldorf-based group announced that the order value was in the high double-digit €1 million range. Follow-up commands are also possible. Total order volume could increase to a three-million-digit range with agreed options for additional vehicles. For Rheinmetall, it means expanding the public safety department.

According to the information, the Survivor R will be the new “Sonderwagen 5”. It replaces the Special Van 4 that was introduced 35 years ago, and will be operated in the future as the Special Van 5. In the first step, two models of the vehicles will be delivered this year.

According to Rheinmetall, the Survivor R is based on a truck chassis from MAN. The cars are powered by a 340 hp engine. The armored vehicle comes as standard with a ventilation system against nuclear, biological and chemical warfare agents. The cabin can accommodate up to eleven people.

Vehicles came into the public spotlight three years ago when it became known that seat covers in cars bore the Saxon SEK logo with an aesthetic closeness to Nazi symbolism. This has been removed again. She showed – winged and surrounded by a laurel wreath – a Saxon crested coat of arms carried by two lions. Above and below the words “Special Operations Command” and “Saxony” are a dashed line reminiscent of Frakter. Fraktur was the widely printed text for centuries and is still widely used as the so-called German text at the beginning of the Nazi era.

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