Real Madrid and Barcelona clash today in the semi-finals of the Spanish Supercopa football series. Here you can follow the best game on Live Ticker.

El Clசிகsico at the Supercopa de Espana! Real Madrid leaders face FC Barcelona in the semi-finals. SPOX Displays live and detailed for you from beginning to end.

FC Barcelona 1: 1 against Real Madrid

கிழி 1: 0 Vinicius (25.), 1: 1 de Zhang (41.)
Sequence Real Madrid Cordois – Carvajal, Militao, Nacho, Mendi – Motric, Casemiro, Cruz – Ascencio, Benzema, Vinicius
Sequence of FC Barcelona

Der Stegen – Danny Alves, Pique, Arazo, Jordi Alba – Frankie de Jong, Busquets, Poet – Tempole, de Jong, Ferron

Yellow cards Ferron (22.)

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Supercopa de Espana: Real Madrid vs. FC Barcelona in a live ticker today – 1: 1

Part-time result: With 1.1 it goes into rooms in Riyadh – which is a fair decision. After real leadership, Barcelona qualified despite being very eager to equalize. Soon it will continue here with the second half.

41 .: Tour for FC Barcelona, ​​1: 1, de Jong! Barca now has deserved compensation. Milidavo hit the ball after Dembele crossed in front of De Jong, but hit the jaw of the center-back striker. The ball goes to the pole and then into the goal. What an interesting goal.

39: A life sign from the royal family again after a long time. Asencio pushes the ball forward and is not hit. His shot was blocked from 20 meters and Der Stegen had no problem.

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35 .: FC Barcelona are taking more control of the game – and creating better chances. First Courtois won again against de Jong, then the tempo shot from the second row missed its target.

30 .: Almost quick compensation! After a cross from the tempo, De Zhang comes free to head – but into the hands of the real goalkeeper Cortois.

27 .: Leadership is worthy. So far, Los Blancos have been the deciding team.

25 .: Tour, 1-0, Vinicius for Real Madrid! Real Madrid lead! What’s wrong with Busquets, Benzema steals the ball from him, puts Vinicius in the limelight, and finishes well what he needs to see. Madrid team leads in Classico.

22 .: Yellow card to Ferran Torres for catching Mendy.

19 .: It was close! Asencio’s shot from 14 yards out missed the corner by 3 yards.

12: Real Madrid again! Vinicius is persecuted by Aruvajo and you can still lock it. The ball becomes a safe prey for Der Stegen.

10 .: Now FC Barcelona have intensified their offensive efforts. Luke de Zhang finished, but his shot from 15 yards was blocked by Mildavo.

8 .: Mark-Andre der Stegen’s next shot from a distance. Asensio has a high goal and there is no danger to FC Barcelona.

2 .: Real Madrid’s first chance two minutes later. Karim Benzema’s shot from a distance goes wide.

Supercopa de Espana: Real Madrid vs. FC Barcelona live on Tigers today – the start of the game

Before starting: It starts in a few minutes. We will be surprised if Classico keeps its promise.

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Before starting: New contractor Ferran Torres begins his star XI debut for Barcelona today.

Before starting: This is FC Barcelona’s starting line-up: Der Stegen – Danny Alves, Pique, Arazo, Jordi Alba – Frankie de Jong, Busquets, Poet – Tempole, Luke de Jong, Ferron.

Before starting: So early Real Madrid: Cordois – Carvajal, Milito, Nacho, Mendi – Motric, Casimiro, Cruz – Asencio, Benzema, Vinicius.

Before starting: Real coach Carlo Ancelotti had to change his starting XI at short notice. Former Bayern star David Alaba has been ruled out with a hamstring injury. Nacho Fernandez has replaced the Austrian. There is another change compared to the 4-1 win over Valencia CF. Daniel Carvajal joins the team for Lucas Vazquez.

Before starting: Although the rivalry between Real Madrid and Barcelona has been a scene in the past, the balance of power today is not in balance – at least on paper. Real Madrid leads Sevilla FC and Real Betis in the league. On the other hand, the most indebted learners are in sixth place. The gap for the Matrilinians – less than a game – is already 17 points.

Before starting: The festivities take place at 8 p.m. However, the game is not played in Spain, but at the King Fahad International Stadium in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. The semi-final between Atletico Madrid and Atletico Bilbao will also take place tomorrow at the same venue. This also applies to the final on Sunday.

Before starting: Welcome and welcome to the semi-finals of the Spanish Super Cup between Real Madrid and FC Barcelona.

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