Battlefield 2042, like a number of other titles, has been in very poor shape recently. Gamers have complained about missing features, bugs, poor performance, and more. In the meantime, some updates for the shooter were released which definitely improved the game, but the Battlefield community is already done with the new game.

For example, in the Battlefield subreddit, 2042 . reigned (Buy now € 33.05 /53.99 € ) Such a negative atmosphere that responsible mediators Consider the complete closure of the subreddit. Don’t Forget: Parody Game “Clownfield 2042,” Which can be purchased for little money on Steam and has some exciting features, including a real scoreboard.

Battlefield 2042 player numbers are declining

Given the community’s discontent, it’s no wonder that shooter player numbers continue to drop. So Reveals a look at SteamDBAnd That Battlefield V now has an average of more active players than 2042. Battlefield 1 is about to overtake a new shooter. In total, Battlefield 2042 can only inspire about 7,000 players at one time.

Of course, only the number of players on Steam is taken into account here, and it might look a little different on EA’s launcher for Origin and on different consoles. The Battlefield community on Reddit is at least so excited about the drop in players, it’s hardly a day to go by Without a new post about a new low.

Of course, DICE continues to work on new content and improvements to the game. For example, the Battlefield Twitter channel was shared on January 5 this year Kind of joke to get a new card. Only the future will determine whether the developers’ efforts are able to save the sunken ship Battlefield 2042.

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