Suddenly Bill Kaulitz wears a mullet - fans of the Tokyo Hotel are completely dumbfounded

Tokyo Hotel singer Bill Kaulitz sends a selfie to his fans.

© Screen capture: Instagram / billkaulitz

Tokio Hotel singer Bill Kaulitz has given himself a new hairstyle. This ensures split but very intense reactions among the fans.

Los Angeles – Bill Collitz has been known for his glam looks, at least since his band Tokio Hotel actually launched. This was a trademark of the band and to this day, the 31-year-old often treats himself with a new look and thus causes hot feelings among fans – for example with an assumed face tattoo.

Bill Kaulitz treats himself with a new hairstyle and is therefore trendy

Now he surprised his fans again – this time Bill Kaulitz got a mullet. Yes, it’s right: long in the front – short in the back – a hairstyle that was very popular in blockbuster movies like “Manta, Manta” and generally in the 1980s.

Now France appears to be celebrating a comeback. Because other stars and stars recently bought mullet, or “mullet” in English. Singer Miley Cyrus, for example.

Not everyone likes Bill Collitz’s new hairstyle

But let’s go back to Bill Collitz. He sent his mirror selfie with his new hairstyle to his fans via Instagram. “I told you,” he writes and decorates his post with some laughing emojis.

Bill fans are spooked by the new look. Some celebrate their hairstyle widely and write something like: “Jaaaaaaaa,” “megaaaaa,” “perfect now,” “hot,” or simply “looks cool”.

But not everyone likes the mullet look: they write “Oh no Belle” or “Waroroom” under Belle’s picture.

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It remains to be seen what model mom Heidi Klum and Bill’s brother Tom Kaulitz have to say about his new look. (rjs)


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