CDP team of four wins award for combatting Ebola

A CDP team recently received four awards for its work fighting against Ebola.
A CDP team recently received four awards for its work fighting against Ebola. | Courtesy of Shutterstock
Following the Ebola outbreaks of 2014, the Center for Domestic Preparedness (CDP) was honored to accept several awards, recognizing the efforts of four individuals in the fight against the disease.

The winners of the Unity of Effort Award for Ebola Worldwide Response were Jeremy Guthrie, Jamie Johnson, Mallory Lowe and Babbette Harmon. This team of individuals was responsible for crating the training to manage the disease that entered the U.S. through an infected Liberian national traveling to Dallas. Although the patient died -- and the two nurses who treated him contracted the disease -- the team implemented a course that provided instruction for the proper use of personal protective equipment in response to Ebola.

"The primary training objective was to appropriately don and doff personal protective equipment in a manner that reduced the potential for contracting the disease," Denis Campeau, one of CDP's directors, said.

The team was able to develop the preparation course in a matter of three days, which, according to Curriculum Development and Evaluation, normally requires 160 hours.

The course was distributed through the aid of the National Domestic Preparedness Consortium, whose members delivered the training throughout the nation.

CDP is proud of the work of this small but effective team.

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