HHS Office of Emergency Management searches for deputy director

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services' Office of Emergency Management (OEM) is seeking a deputy director to serve as a senior member of the ASPR executive team responsible for OEM efforts.

The deputy director will provide expert and authoritative advice, consultation and analysis on complex public health and medical emergency activities and preparedness and, in coordination with the OEM director, will provide strategic and expert advice on ASPR plans, policies and procedures to ensure efficient and effective coordination of departmental efforts.

The deputy director will be tasked with assisting in the oversight and coordination of the Office of Emergency Management with oversight of 10 division directors and the immediate office of OEM. Additionally, the director will direct and coordinate activities to identify and assess complex public health and medical emergencies that may affect the nation's health.

The director also oversee the strategic direction and coordination of primary and secondary ASPR/OEM activities to categorize and appraise complex public health and medical emergencies related to public health and national security while assisting in the provision of public health and medical expertise on both short and long-term provisions of public health and medical services in the aftermath of natural disasters and emergency public health issues.

The position will coordinate leadership and direction for the ASPR's preparedness, planning, response and recovery coordination capabilities through the oversight of the 10 divisions of the OEM, including tactical programs, the national hospital preparedness program, and regional and international coordination.