JPEO-CBD calls for development of novel decontamination technology

The Joint Project Manager of Protection of the Joint Program Executive Office of Chemical and Biological Defense announced on Sunday that it is seeking the development of tools to aid decontamination of military equipment.

The JPEO-CBD is seeking the development of tools that can supply contamination indication/ decontamination assurance, known as CIDAS, and applicator(s) to identify the presence of traditional nerve agents, blister chemical warfare agents and non-traditional chemical threats on military equipment, including aircrafts, shipboards, tactical vehicles, crew weapons and personal weapons that may be hiding hazardous chemical weapons.

The JPEO-CBD hopes to use the technology to support military personnel in level four Mission Oriented Protective Posture gear. The JPEO-CBD seeks two devices: one small, weighing less than 12 lbs and one medium-sized, weighing less than 24 lbs, both of which should detect contaminants on surfaces within five minutes.

The JPEO-CBD hopes the CIDAS can provide the capabilities to both detect trace levels of chemical agents and also visually reveal the exact location of these contaminants during Details Equipment Decontamination processes. The will allow Warfighters to analyze their equipment to determine if a given area is contaminated with hazardous materials.

Another goal of the CIDAS is to report the efficacy of decontamination methods while reducing the amount of manpower, decontamination materials and water usage to neutralize a threat. The CIDAS must also function seamlessly with Warfighter procedures.

Submissions can be made electronically or sent directly to the JPEO-CBD.