Emergent BioSolutions holds event for National Manufacturing Day

Emergent BioSolutions held an event at its Lansing, Michigan-based facility that taught attendees about its company, manufacturing processes and the development an anthrax vaccine, according to an article recently published in Manufacturing Engineering.

Emergent produces BioThrax, an anthrax vaccine, for the U.S. government. On October 4, Emergent held a tour and a series of presentations at its Lansing facility in honor of National Manufacturing Day. Meghan Shea-Keenan, a workforce development program analyst for SME, a nonprofit organization formerly known as the Society of Manufacturing Engineers, attended the event and said it was clear that Emergent was very prepared for the extensive presentation.

The event included a tour of Emergent's laboratories. Shea-Keenan said Emergent was working on making one of its laboratories into a lean manufacturing lab. Emergent said that even one small manufacturing change can save the company tens of thousands of dollars.

"Some questions were asked about the effectiveness of this effort, if it was worth it or just extra work, or if it felt annoying to worry about such small details," Shea-Keenan said. "They told us about how they started working on this lean effort this year and have already seen positive outcomes. One example was a small change that saved them $40,000 minimum annually."

After giving the attendees a tour, Emergent gave those on hand the opportunity to watch two of four presentations. The presentations included the company's manufacturing process, the process to improve BioThrax, other continuous improvement projects and a career panel.