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Stories of Cobra. Football beyond the Arctic Circle, exchange with Derby and Sladen for life


Beyond the Arctic Circle, he found it difficult to deal with artificial grass.

He met the love of his life in Poland.

Maybe he exchanged a jersey with Slaton. “He gave us two goals then and they won, so he was happy,” he laughed at the Victoria podcast.

Football beyond the Arctic Circle

Ontrich reached big football in the south of Bohemia. It was not in his own Straconis, but a little further on in furthereské Budějovice that he collected the first league minutes. More goals. Twenty-two interventions in the highest competition attracted attention to themselves, so he suddenly became interested in clubs abroad. While he was treating the operated finger, an unexpected phone call came.

Ondreck’s target numbers

31 goals Tromsey shot Ondreck in a jersey in the highest Norwegian match.

20 Accurate wins Cobra scored in the Polish League, where he played for Visa Krakow.

9 cities Registered for Dallas at MLS, from where he returned to the Czech Republic in the fall.

“I was in the gym when the agent called to let me go to the trams,” says Ondrick. “So I don’t know what I’m talking about. Let him say what it is.”

Four hundred kilometers above the Arctic Circle, he must have stuck his finger very high in the world. Seventy-five thousand trams, the location or liquor of the university in the north of the world.

“This is a beautiful island with a tunnel and two bridges,” says the author of the four victories in the current Fortune League.

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In the north, he had to deal with different weather conditions. Constant darkness for a while, then light practically uninterrupted. “Summer is good. You put a black bag in the window and it gets dark right away. But winter is different and people are crazy about it,” he says.

It is not the only attack that can have a negative effect on health. The other is the playground.

Artificial flooring is not uncommon in Norway and is used by Troms. “When our artist poured water there, it was always there, not a single person burned himself on it. It was unbelievable. However, some teams were so cruel, I would play in the parking lot next to the desk,” he exaggerates.

“The worst thing is that when you played on normal grass, the next day everything hurt.”

So …

He shared dominance.

“I got a chance with my head at the end of the last match and I can still pull it to my side,” he laments even years later.

Crago Derby? About life

Three and a half years is enough, as Andrek thought. From Norway he moved back to the center of Europe, but not to the Czech Republic. “But Krakow is around the corner, really around Ostrava,” he explains of his visit to Visa.

He enjoyed the biggest stadiums in Poland, the remnants of the 2012 European Championships, and the relentless Krakow derby.

“The competition with Krakow is unbelievable. I would not say directly that it’s a man’s neck, but he should leave everything in the competition. If it does not work, it can happen, but if you post anything, it will not forgive you. . “Many years ago, they told me that people killed themselves because of this struggle.”

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In Poland, Ontrich met his partner Daria. He accidentally did a massage when they went to a restaurant with a friend. After a while, the current Pilson footballer realized that he was already in contact with Daria. “I wrote her on an Instagram,” he laughs.

Photo with Henry required

Neither Norway nor Poland. Ondreck’s biggest adventure has yet to come. In early 2019, he packed his belongings and boarded a flight to Texas. That’s where his new boss FC Dallas was.

“I thought I was thirty. I absolutely did not want to run away from Visa, but there was a big crisis. America was a beautiful opportunity, I did not hesitate at the time,” he says confidently.

However, a few months ago Daria was disturbed when he opened his own business. She had to sacrifice a lot because of Ontrik’s trip abroad.

“She said it would finally work. I changed our lives completely,” he knew.

America is very fond of “native” football, the European variant is not so popular there. Nevertheless, Ontrich had a chance to meet football megastars abroad.

“When I played against Thierry Henry, I told everyone, if you like football, you should ask for a photo of such a player. I did not play against Rooney, but I waited in the locker room tunnel. I replaced my jersey with Slaton (Ibrahimovic). , So he was happy. Thanks to Henry, I also met Eden Hazard, who was a doctor in Dallas, so I exchanged a few words with him, “he says.


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