Stefan Murs is said to have hired a lawyer because of Zoff with Estefania Woolney: ‘Get a muzzle’

Stefan Murs is said to have hired a lawyer because of Zoff with Estefania Woolney: ‘Get a muzzle’
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There’s been a bad atmosphere between Stefan Murus and Stefania Woolney since the events of “Always Sundays” – the hit star is now said to have hired a lawyer, claims the 20-year-old (photo montage) © Screenshot / ARD / Immer wieder Sunday & Screenshot / Instagram / Estefania Wollny

The feud between Stefan Murs and Stefania Woolney enters the next round: After the young singer accused the pop star of ignoring and even “discriminating” her on “Always Again on Sunday,” he is said to have hired a lawyer. The 46-year-old appears to want to defend himself against the possibility of lies being spread.

Rust – It All Started Actually Harmlessly: When Stefan Murs (all news about the hit star) announced the guest list for next week (July 10) at the end of the July 3 “Always Sunday” issue, the hit star had to laugh out loud a few times when He read Estefania Wollny’s name – the beginning of a feud, the 46-year-old popular musician seems to have opened his legal counsel. The 20-year-old singer had previously accused the moderator of bullying and discriminatory behaviour.

Because of “Always Ones” Zoff with Estefania Woolney – Stefan Murs is said to have employed a lawyer

The big laugh on “Always Again on Sunday” is now making waves: After Sylvia Woolney publicly scolded Stefan Murs days ago and shielded her daughter for “bullying young people,” Estefania Woolley said Sunday (July 10), just hours after their appearance in Rust. On Instagram, the 20-year-old complained of being neglected on the set of the ARD show and called Mrss “immature and unprofessional”. It also promised to release a more detailed statement on Monday (July 11) afternoon.

But that didn’t happen, because the pop star (the most successful pop singer of all time) has now apparently appointed his attorney to prevent Estefania Woolney from unilaterally or even improperly presenting the events surrounding “Always Again Sundays”: “We have just received a letter from a lawyer and our voice has been muzzled – let’s write it in German – and we are not allowed to comment on the whole thing at the moment”so the 20-year-old in an Instagram video.

Everything is open in the drama “Always Sunday” – explain Estefania Woolney and Stefan Ross Zoff?

It remains to be seen what happens next: Estefania Woolney looked composed in her video, but at the same time she looked depressed because she was apparently silenced for the time being. It remains to be seen if there will be a next chapter in the drama “Always Sunday” about Wollny-Mross-Zoff. After all, the 20-year-old received reassuring words from her fans who gave her courage.

But there is another way, because in addition to many supporters, the young singer also has a number of critics against her: some fans of “Always Sundays” even tore up Estefania Wollny’s Internet performance shortly afterwards – despite the already difficult circumstances! Sources used:


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